Expresson of Interest for Chartered Accountants Firm

Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (PAF: IAST), Haripur is a unique concept of an educational institute in Pakistan which will closely collaborate with several institutes/universities in Austria and award multiple foreign degrees. PAF-IAST is a public sector Institute and follows government PIFRA based accounting system (NAM). PAF-IAST is looking for the SERVICES OF A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS FIRM FOR THE AUDIT of it accounts and invites Expression of interest from Firms of Chartered Accountants currently rated in category —AAA by the State Bank of Pakistan.
The auditor shall review the existence and effectiveness of financial control system(s) and report on the adequacy of those controls, as well as, deficiencies, if any; focusing on the authorization, internal control, reconciliation, recording, safeguarding and valuation aspects and ensuring the prevention and detection of frauds and errors. It will further ensure the accuracy and completeness of the accounting records and statutory compliances and the timely preparation of reliable financial information.

  • Name, Address, Phone / Fax number, Email address and Web-site.
  • Proof of Registration of the Firm under the applicable Laws along with copy of Partnership Deed and number of partners.
  • Detailed description of the Firm identifying the services being offered, office location in Pakistan and especially in Islamabad/Peshawar, access to resource pools, accreditation of relevant institutions etc. together with Client Portfolio.
  • Indication of affiliation with any international Organization of Accountants.
  • Current commitments of the Firm (With significant details of the commitments).
  • National Tax Number and Income Tax return for past two (02) years.
  • Organization of the firm, list of permanent staff and CVs of the key team members for this assignment.
  • Affidavits on stamp paper duly attested by the Oath Commissioner to the effect that the Firm has neither been black listed nor any contract annulled in the past for non-fulfillment of contractual obligations or its affiliated firm/department. More so a certificate to the effect that the statement provided to the Authority is true and correct.
  • Particulars of arbitration / litigations entered into by the Firm and current status of disputes.
  • Any other relevant information important for the Institute.
  • There shall be no fee for the application.
  • Any amendment / corrigendum / clarification to the EOI will be posted on the website of the Institute.
  • The Institute shall not be liable for non-receipt/late receipt of any of the applications.
  • Incomplete applications shall be summarily rejected.
  • This EOI does not create any contractual obligation on the part of the Institute.
  • The Institute reserves the right to reject any of the applications or whole process without assigning any  reason  at  any  time  and  could  call for  any  other  details  or  additional information from any of the firms/members at its own discretion.

Procedure for the award of work shall be as follows:-

  • On the basis of application received from the CA Firms, PAF-IAST shall evaluate the applications and prepare a list of eligible Chartered Accountants firms, who shall be called for personal discussion and presentation.
  • The fees shall be fixed for this assignment on eligibility basis and selected Chartered Accountants Firm, who have quoted the minimum/least fees in their Financial Proposal as per KPPRA rules. 

Interested firms of Chartered Accountants which meet the pre-qualification criteria may
furnish their Expression of Interest at the following address latest by March 02, 2018.


Project Director,
Pak-Austria Fachhochschule, Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology
Mang, Khanpur Road, Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Phone: 0995-645115
Fax: 0995-645117