Progress Report

Physical Assets

  1. Land: 456 kanals 13 marlas have been allotted to the Project at Mang, Near Haripur.
  2. Furthermore, section-iv has been imposed for allotment of 133 kanals 19 marlas. The District Admin has asked to deposit Rs. 25,118,311/- for this additional land.  The amount has been deposited. Section 05 has been imposed.
  3. Barbed Wire Fencing: Work on barbed wire fencing has been started.
  4. 800 kanals of land endowment: duly consented to by CM being acquired.
  5. Rs 115 M required for payment mainly reflected in PC-I for Rs. 300 M.

Civil Work/Utilities

  1. Project Office: Pre-Fabricated Project office has been completed
  2. Dedicated Power Transmission Line has been installed by WAPDA
  3. 50 kva Generator for backup power has been installed
  4. Water supply is in place.
  5. PTCL Telephone lines with internet facility has been installed

Project Staff

  1. PMU Staff: has been attached from Federal Government and University of Haripur
  2. Hiring of a Consultant: to assist in the planning, construction and implementation of the project, post has been filled.

Submission of PC-I

  1. Main PC-I for Rs. 8.2 billion has been  submitted on March 15, 2017.
  2. Allocation of Rs. 1.2 billion being sought for financial year 2017-18. Amount reflected conveyed to HED for inclusion in ADP (201718).

Work Planned

  1. Pre-qualification of contractors has been done.
  2. Contractors will be hired by May 31, 2017
  3. Work orders will be issued simultaneously

(Subject to availability of funds/approval of PC-I)

  1. Ground breaking is planned for June 30, 2017

Selection of 25 Scholars

  1. Fresh advertisement for selection of PhD/MS/M.Phil candidates for training has been given.
  2. Date for interview and selection of applicants will be determined in consultation with Austrian Partners.

Commencement of Academic Session 2018

  1. Admission of various disciplines will be advertised by May 31, 2018 (For 1st Year)
  2. Entry test conducted by July 15, 2018.
  3. Entry test paper to be prepared in close coordination with the Partners.
  4. Results declared on July 20, 2018.
  5. Classes begin October 15, 2018.

Options for Venue

  1. Plan A: Necessary classes will be made operational for conducting 1st year classes at Mang, Haripur by Fall 2018( subject to approval of PC-I and timely release of funds).
  2. Plan B: Space will be rented at University of Haripur for starting of classes. Necessary facilities will be upgraded.
  3. Plan C: One Academic Block at PTCL will be rented. It will however, entail substantial renovation costs.

Master Plan and Main PC-I

Consultancy for Master Plan: MAK
Consultancy Firm has prepared Master Plan of the Project PAF-IAST